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What is Zoya's?

Zoya's is a place where people can come to help heal themselves. There are products ranging from simple relaxation aids such as incense and oils, crystals, crystal pick 'n' mix, make your own crystal gardens and other crystal healing gifts, Angel aids and other beautiful gifts to help spread some happiness and belief. If available to visit in store then we also host healing therapies such as mediumship, reiki and other spiritual appointments.

Personal Customer Service

If you need some help choosing or finding the perfect gift please do contact us. We can create you a gift bag for a specific event or intention. This can be done to accomodate differing budgets so please just ask. We can combine self-care categories  to show the reciepient exactly what they mean to you and the world. 

Parties & Events

Zoya's has a shop/venue where we will be hosting self-care, crystal and holistic parties. We will also have a space for tarot readings and holistic therapies. We will advertise these events as and when they are coming. 

7 Livingstone Circus




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